Branding & logo design
Branding & logo design

Branding by Pritam Danve

At the heart of every great brand is a big idea and a clear philosophy. If you know where you want to be and how you want to get there, that’s a powerful thing. But it’s the little details that people really connect with.

Branding is about bringing your business to life; making your identity concrete, complete with the quirks that set you apart.

Great brand design is the thing that makes you real; the visual vocabulary for consistently communicating who you are and what you’re about, so no-one’s in any doubt.

From your logo to your advertising to the packaging on your products, a strong, distinctive and meaningful brand is the thing that people remember; the thing they relate to.

One identity in a fragmented world

You may have noticed that I'm big fans of consistent, cohesive branding in every setting, every time.

I am passionate about print, but I am just as dedicated to digital. And when I can make those two things work together, that makes us happy.

I also know our way around the ever-thickening jungle of devices that make-up today’s mobile landscape, and I can help you with your presence on every platform.

So if you want your brand unified across your business cards, your letterheads, your website, email newsletters, social media profiles, and any other exciting things you’re doing, I’d love to make that happen.

Whether you’re building a brand from scratch, changing direction, or simply looking to refresh and renew, I can help with any and every aspect of your brand design.

Get in touch with me today to find out more.