Help with choosing a graphic designer

So you’ve started a new business. How exciting? Just as you judge other professionals based on their business’ image, others will likely judge your business based on its image too. This is, after all, your chance to make a great impression on new and potential customers. For this reason, the person you choose to do your graphic design must understand who you are and create something that reflects your business. You’ll probably want something that sets you apart, while adhering to your business’ level of professionalism.

You should be able to call upon your graphic designer to create the following:

  • Your company logo
  • Stationary
  • Web graphics
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Packaging
  • And more

It is important that the graphic designer you choose helps to develop your brand image. It is, after all, how your customers will come to recognize who you are and what you stand for. Your brand also needs to be versatile and should be flexible so that it may be used on all of your company’s marketing material.

How to choose the right graphic designer for you

Ask to see their portfolio. First and foremost, you should never choose a graphic designer before seeing their portfolio. Make an appointment specifically to view their work. A good graphic designer will be proud to show off their work. Look to see if their past work fits what you are looking for.

Ask for references. Don’t be afraid to ask for references. Your company’s image is in their hands – make sure they’re the right hands. Again, if their work is good, they should have no problem supplying you with references. Once you get them, be sure to call them.

Assess the company’s size. Although a company’s size isn’t everything, it may be important to you. Usually, the larger the company, the more experience they have. Don’t let a company’s size be the only thing you base your decision on though. Many small companies do fantastic work, while larger companies tend to be busier and might not be able to give you the attention you need.

What is your relationship like with the designer? This is important. Go with your gut. Does the designer get you? Your business? If you feel that they do, then they’re likely an excellent choice.

Does the designer have experience in your line of work? Again, this isn’t super important, but it might be. If you feel that the person you work with needs to have a good grasp on your industry before you can work together, make sure to check that they’ve got the necessary experience.

Where is the designer located? For some business’, a local designer can bring a lot to the table. Their knowledge of the city you live in could be invaluable in the design process. Also, you’ll want to determine beforehand whether or not you can work with someone you might never meet.

How much do they charge for their services? Although this is often the number one consideration when it comes to graphic design, it most certainly shouldn’t be. While you shouldn’t be expected to lose your shirt in exchange for a logo, good design does cost money. Be prepared to spend a bit. With that said, graphic design doesn’t have to break the bank. All of the aforementioned considerations are much more important.

It’s an exciting time, starting a new business. Before you recruit the services of a graphic designer, make sure you know what you want. Think about your business, who you are and what you stand for. Ideally your brand image will embody everything about your company – a powerful message in a single image.