Top 10 reasons to redesign your website

Your online presence is essentially important for your brand or business. Every business or brand needs an effective website in order to attract audience and advertise/market their product or services to their potential audience. But wait, what exactly is a website? Website is a collection of web pages which describes the purpose of any individual, company, organization, etc.

Now, these websites must fulfill the purpose of providing relevant information.

Design, color, structure, content and convenience factor is going to attract the audience. The website must provide you business growth and earn you profits. If not so, there’s possibly something wrong with your website.

Here’s the list of 10 signs that you probably need to redesign or update your website.

1. It has been long since you updated your website.

Ask yourself. When was the last time you updated your website? If you haven’t updated your website since ages, this is the right time to do so. Possibly the design of your website must be updated or old technique still persists. People are always amazed to see something new and unique. Find some good website design services and let your website pamper.

2. It isn’t user friendly.

If your website requires a lot of people’s attention in order to understand it, trust me, they ain’t going to take that effort. You need to bring the spoon to your audience if you want the traffic on your site. Consider your audience and reconstruct your website in a way which is easy to use, navigate and understand.

3. Your website loads very slowly.

Admit it. No one of us would like to wait till the page loads. We are all guilty for the short attention span we have, and that’s the reason we tend to leave the website if it takes forever to load. If your website takes more than few seconds to load, people will obviously opt for alternatives available. In this case, please consider redesigning your website.

4. Your website is not mobile- friendly.

Your website is not mobile-friendly. If your audiences are mobile users and its hard time to navigate your site, then surely you need quick update to your website. 50% of internet is used from mobile devices. In fact, have you noticed that you don’t get any conversions from mobile devices? It’s a sign that your website is not responsive and redesigning is what you need!!

5. Your website is not active or communicative.

Your website is mostly offline and doesn’t reply to the customer’s queries and feedback. When the website is not responsive to the comments or queries of the audience, your audience would automatically shift to alternative website.

6. Your website is too technical.

Only you can understand your website and its content. It has all that fancy words and technical content that most of the people don’t understand. I know you were trying to be creative, but the main motto is to keep it simple and understandable.

7. Your website doesn’t take your audience through A-I- D-A process.

Your website should carry away your audience mind and take them through the A-I- D-A process. The website should grab your audience’s attention, create interest, drive them to take decision and finally conclude to perform action. If this isn’t happening in your case, it means the conversion rate of your website is pretty low.
A- Attention/ awareness
I- Interest
D- Decision
A- Action

8. No instant contact button on your website.

What if your potential audience wants to get in touch with you instantly? Are you available to help them or solve their queries? Does your website have instant contact button? Does your website provide call-to- action (CTA)? If no, you surely need to get in touch with your website designing agency.

9. Menu in the websites are not convincing.

If your website does not help your visitors to find things of their interest in maximum two clicks, it is high time you must consider redesigning your website. An effective website would include a sitemap which will contain pages of your website and will help to navigate those pages.

10. The bounce rate of your website is high.

Bounce rate is the total amount of people who visit only the first page of the website without exploring other pages. In short, people view only your website’s first page and exit. A more effective website design will help to attract audience and decrease your bounce rate.